Go Beyond Reality

SEBit is a HK startup focusing on Mixed Reality and Artificial Intelligence applications. Our mission is to apply Mixed Reality and Artificial Intelligence to solve real life problem.

Object Recognition

In this example, we use a neural network(YOLOv3 pretrained by COCO dataset) to analyze some sample videos:

“Final Calling” (theme song of canton movie 《棟篤特工》):

Supper Moment – 最後晚餐 (acoustic version) Official MV:

Hyper realistic VR

This is a virtual bar rendered using our 3D/VR technology. Immerse into this hyper realistic virtual world to experience the true expression of the interior design.

Not only could you switch between the day & night mode and walk in and out of the bar, but also you can customize the choice of carpet and furniture on-the-fly to showcase different designs.

VR Trainings

Training has never been more fun!

In this fire safety VR training, user will experience a realistic fire scenario happen in a Hong Kong apartment. In such an emergency, users need to decide in a timely manner what to do to save their lives and minimize property damage.



In this VR training, users were given a mission to pinpoint all the renovation defects they found in the apartment. By wearing a VR headset, user can explore around this virtual apartment and zoom in/out to inspect every details. Using a VR controller, user can pinpoint the defects and get rewarded for correct finding.

Video Analytics

In this project, we use custom dataset to train a neural network (YOLOv3) to detect custom objects such as: baby stroller, wheelchair, suitcase and escalator entrance.

For more details, refer to the I&T Solutions in E&M InnoPortal